Basic Food Safety Course (Non-Accredited)

Basic Food Safety Course (Non-Accredited)

Do you want to meet minimum training requirements for FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A but not need an accredited course? Do you want to save money? Do you want to do a course that is 100% online with no practical components? If so, then this could be the course for you! The Basic Food Safety course covers the minimum food safety training requirements under Standard 3.2.2A without any of the bells and whistles of nationally recognised training.

Covers all the basics.

If you are planning on preparing or handling food and need to know all the basics about personal hygiene, safe food storage, cleaning, sanitising, temperature danger zones and so on, then our Basic Food Safety Course has got you covered.

Cost effective.

In Australia, all Food Handlers who prepare, serve or handle food must be trained in food safety. The Basic Food Safety course is a cost effective alternative to the nationally recognised Food Handling Certificate (Level 1) course and is a good solution for food businesses that are budget aware.

No practical component.

For nationally recognised courses such as the Food Safety Supervisor course or the Food Handling Certificate course, it's a legal requirement that course participants are observed practising food safety. We meet this requirement by asking our students to complete an Observer Report where they ask someone they work with to watch them complete various tasks. The Basic Food Safety course is not nationally recognised which means that there are no such requirements - and so there are no Observer Reports or practical components for this course. Unsure about online training? There's no need to worry. Our courses are straightforward, easy-to-follow and fun to study. We've had students from 16 to 100 years old, and we're just an email or phone call away if you ever need assistance!

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The Basic Food Safety course is provided as an alternative to the nationally recognised Food Handling Certificate (Level 1).

It's designed for people who prepare, handle or serve food as part of their job and need to meet the legal requirements for Food Handler training under FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A.

Course Content

The course covers all training requirements for Food Handlers specified under FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A including personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitising, and time and temperature control.

The course contains 13 interactive lessons to help you understand food safety:

  • Lesson 1 - Food Safety Laws & Responsibilities
  • Lesson 2 - Food Contamination & High-Risk Groups
  • Lesson 3 - Biological Contamination 
  • Lesson 4 - Other Types of Contamination
  • Lesson 5 - Food Allergies 
  • Lesson 6 - Cleaning & Sanitising
  • Lesson 7 - Hand Washing
  • Lesson 8 - Personal Hygiene & Workplace Behaviour
  • Lesson 9 - Illness & Onsite Injuries
  • Lesson 10 - Time & Temperature Control 
  • Lesson 11 - Working with Food Safely 
  • Lesson 12 - Serving Food Safety 
  • Lesson 13 - Food Safety Programs & Reporting Responsibilities

The Basic Food Safety course consists of 13 interactive lessons.

At the end of each lesson you need to complete a multiple choice quiz. Once you have scored 100% you are able to move onto the next lesson. You have five attempts at each quiz but don’t worry if you use up all your attempts – just get in touch and we can help you out at no extra charge!

The Basic Food Safety course is not nationally recognised and there are no associated units of competency. Upon completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

About Nationally Recognised Training

Nationally Recognised Training has been developed based on the National Training Package for the given industry. When you complete nationally recognised training you receive a Statement of Attainment listing the units of competency attained. These may be used towards further qualifications.

If you are looking for an introductory food safety course that is nationally recognised, we recommend that you consider the Food Handling Certificate (Level 1) course.

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