Adelaide CBD food safety crackdown

January 7, 2015

In 2013/2014, triple the number of Adelaide food businesses were fined for breaching food safety laws compared to previous years according to Adelaide Now.

Food safety breaches

That’s 44 businesses that were warned, fined or told to improve. The previous year 28 businesses were reprimanded, and in 2011/2012 just 19 received a reprimand.

Of the 44 businesses identified, 9 food establishments received fines between $500 and $2500 for offences including improper food storage and handling, lack of cleanliness, inadequate equipment and animals on the premises. Businesses warned included four restaurants, three cafes, two karaoke bars, a convenience store and a takeaway eatery.

Authorities were keen to point out that they have been working more closely with the 1000 or more food businesses in the city over the past year and this may have resulted in the greater number of food safety breaches identified. A zero tolerance policy to food safety issues has been adopted by the city.

No prosecutions required

Sean McNamara, Adelaide’s city safety program manager was pleased with the results, as issues were solved quickly and no prosecutions were required.

“The inspections regime that council has in place to monitor standards is designed in a way that works alongside business to see them operating in the best interests of their customers’ safety and wellbeing,” he said. “While inspection officers won’t hesitate to take immediate action to rectify an issue with a business, the pleasing result is that the issue in the overwhelming majority of cases is fixed without the need to fine the operator. We remain committed to ensuring food businesses within the city comply with the (law) at all times.”

The names of businesses that have failed inspections have not been named for privacy reasons.