Safely enjoy mail order food

October 30, 2014

Many people find that they are more pressed for time and energy than ever before. This high paced lifestyle has led to people from all cultures and nations to search for ways that they can save time and increase convenience when it comes to preparing food.

Because of this, many families are beginning to turn to mail order food. Although this is undoubtedly convenient, it is still important that you take the proper food safety precautions to keep your food free of contamination.

Ensuring food has been properly handled

One of the most important things that you can do when ordering food through the mail is to ensure that your items have been handled according to the appropriate safety standards. For example, all perishable items, such as poultry, meat and seafood should come packaged in cardboard or heavy-duty foam and they should be shipped with a cold source.

Never order food that cannot be delivered extremely quickly – preferably overnight, and all packaging should be stamped with directions to “keep refrigerated”.

Handling food properly when received

Make sure that you open your shipment as soon as you receive it, and check the contents for temperature. Ideally, it should still be covered with ice crystals and, barring that, should be at least at refrigerator temperature. In the event that your food is warm, you should throw it away immediately. Do not consume warm food or items that may have been compromised in any way. Remember to notify the company that you purchased from of the situation.