Mum Shares Gag Worthy Organic Baby Food on Social

March 12, 2016

A Brisbane mum has taken to social media to warn other parents of ‘gag worthy’ organic baby food that she says has caused her daughter to spend a night vomiting.

Woolworths have stripped their shelves of the batch of Baby Macro branded, organic apple, banana, pear and mango puree, following a complaint made by mum Nikki De Bondt. Her Facebook posts has already been shared over 50,000 times.

‘Contaminated product alert!!… Ollie and Elka tasted this Baby Macro organic squeezy pack today. They both gagged and almost vomited,” writes Ms De Bondt. “I decided to cut it open and squeeze out the contents. OMG it was gag-worthy.”


Woolworths send away for testing

In her post, Ms De Bondt says that she took the Baby Macro packet back to Woolworths, who told her that they would send it away for testing.

In her latest update on 11 March, Ms De Bondt writes that her daughter is still unwell. She says that Woolworths have referred the case to Queensland Department of Health for testing, and that the health department have been in contact with her.

Woolworths also sent samples off to its supplier, so that it could investigate the whole supply chain.

“Woolworths have been keeping me up to date regularly. Will keep everyone posted when results come back,” wrote Ms De Bondt.

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed that products from this batch were removed from supermarket shelves.

“Woolworths takes the safety of our products very seriously and was concerned by this report from one of our customers.

“We always encourage any customer who has a problem with any Woolworths products to get in touch so the issue can be investigated.”