Starbucks flavoured syrups ‘unsafe’ in India

June 17, 2015

Starbucks stores in India have rid their shelves of many of their famous flavoured syrups after local food safety inspectors have determined them unsafe.

The coffee giant has bowed to the pressure of their governing food authority who reportedly rejected the products on an ‘assessment of risk and safety’.

Although specific reasons about why the products were found unsafe were not provided to the company, the 75 affected Starbucks stores withdrew the syrups, which reportedly contained 32 ingredients rejected by the food authority.

The chief executive of Starbucks India published a letter on the company’s website stating that the products are safe to consume and added; “Starbucks is diligently working with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to provide technical information,” to the food authority so as to be able to once again use the syrups.

More food safety woes in India

These unsafe ingredient rejections come not long after the Nestlé Maggi noodle debacle, which has largely contributed to rising tensions between foreign food manufacturers and Indian food safety authorities.

Like Starbucks, Nestlé have followed the instructions of food inspectors and removed the affected products from store shelves. However, Nestlé has just recently challenged a ban made on the sale of some of the company’s iconic instant noodle products in and attempt to get them back in stores.

Despite the challenge though and adding to the speculation of the noodles being unsafe, reports are now coming out that the company has just destroyed around US $50 million of their own instant noodle products.

Not necessarily a good omen for Starbucks customers in India who are anxiously waiting for the return of their Caramel Frappuccino or Hazelnut Latte!